Personal data protection


For many years, we have been advising Clients on key data protection projects. The experience we share with our Clients includes the preparation of companies to implement legal requirements for the protection of personal data, support for compliance with legal requirements in the use of new technologies, and Client representation in proceedings before the supervisory authority.


We help Clients at all stages of collecting and using personal data not only for strictly business but also for employment purposes. We have extensive experience in the implementation and application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in various sectors.


For many years, we have been members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, a global organization of lawyers specializing in the protection of personal data. Marcin Lewoszewski was the first Pole to be appointed chair of IAPP Knowledge NET in Poland, in charge of personal data protection education and building a community of professionals dealing with this subject.


Selected, Individual Experience in Personal data protection

  • legal support regarding data protection for Clients implementing new projects (e.g. using beacons, behavioural targeting for marketing purposes)
  • participation in stock-taking data processed by the controllers
  • gap analysis for compliance of data processing with GDPR requirements
  • preparation of the register of personal data processing activities
  • drafting clauses of consent for processing of personal data under the GDPR
  • drafting GDPR information clauses
  • legal support in creating procedures and handling data subjects’ claims (e.g. regarding data access, erasure, transfer or restriction)
  • preparation of Legitimate Interest Assessments and the data erasure request denial assessments
  • support for media companies regarding the application of GDPR in journalistic and artistic work
  • analyses of data breach cases and drafting data breach notifications to data subjects
  • drafting data processing agreements under Article 28 of GDPR
  • conducting Privacy Impact Assessment analyses
  • participation in comprehensive GDPR implementation projects
  • participation in drafting data processing best practices codes
  • legal survey of the status of personal data protection in companies
  • legal advice on ensuring legal basis for the transfer of personal data to third countries, including Clients’ preparation to use standard contractual clauses and binding corporate rules
  • representation of entrepreneurs in proceedings before the supervisory authority in the area of ​​personal data protection issues, including inspection proceedings
  • representation of entrepreneurs in appeals against decisions of the supervisory authority
  • drafting authorisation and instruction documents for personal data processing
  • training in data protection regulations

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