New technologies law


We help our Clients carry out their online business and business based on new technologies. We have extensive regulatory e-commerce experience, including the protection of personal data and compliance with consumer law. We advise on regulatory issues in the field of telecommunication law. We offer client representation in negotiating contracts related to the creation and functioning of online businesses.


Our advice covers regulatory aspects of providing online services, including drafting the terms and conditions of service, as well as the aspects of managing intangible assets used to provide such services: we draft and review contracts with content providers.

Selected, Individual Experience in New technologies law

  • drafting online business support contracts and agreements, e.g. a micro-payment handling agreement, an online platforms purchase and merger agreement, website content rights transfer agreement
  • supporting a manufacturer of electronic equipment in setting up a dedicated online store, from the design phase, to implementation, to post-implementation supervision, and negotiations with suppliers
  • legal advice for online auction websites, including the launch of the site, and drafting and amending the site’s terms and conditions
  • legal advice in the implementation of online business loyalty programs
  • advising telecom operators and the owner of a major e-commerce platform in acquiring rights to online content
  • legal advice concerning the provision of cloud computing services
  • drafting terms and conditions for and legal advice in the launch of an online store for one of the leaders in the FMCG sector and manufacturer of baby food products
  • legal assistance in using behavioural advertising
  • drafting a comprehensive contract for the supply, implementation and maintenance of an IT system enabling invoicing and handling orders
  • advice in negotiating a contract for the implementation of an IT system for handling orders by a pizzeria chain
  • legal advice on the possibility of online use of photos provided by online photo libraries
  • drafting website privacy policies, including cookie policies
  • legal support in evaluating the commercialization potential of new technologies (assessment of transfer potential and correct acquisition of rights to use new technologies)
  • legal analysis of the patentees’ patent rights for technologies produced in consortia financed by public money, including EU funding
  • drafting contracts to ensure the right to use the know-how necessary for the commercial use of new technologies
  • participation in projects aimed at providing legal basis for the processing of personal data using beacon technology
  • conducting arbitration and court proceedings to obtain the right to use cybersquatted domain names, including .PL and .EU domains recovery
  • conducting negotiations to retain the right to use Internet domain names in the case of similar company names

Our Other Expertise