Telecommunications Law


Our lawyers offer unique experience in the field of telecommunications law, having been involved in several hundred proceedings, including representation in regulatory disputes on behalf of the largest telecommunications companies and service providers.


We assist our Clients in legislative work, handling proceedings before authorities such as the Office of Electronic Communications or the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, proceedings before administrative courts and the Court for the Protection of Competition and Consumers.


We offer support in cases relating to violation of telecommunications secrecy, advice on data exchange projects in the telecommunications sector, proceedings related to frequency allotment or other regulatory disputes with major public authorities.


Selected, Individual Experience in Telecommunications Law

  • Legal support for Clients in auctions for LTE frequencies and advice on more than a dozen disputes concerning frequency allotment or cancellation of a frequency reservation tender
  • Handling multiple cases regrading violation of telecommunications secrets
  • Legal support in creation of a data exchange system for the telecommunications sector
  • Participation in legislative work on the Telecommunications Law
  • Legal advice on access to telecommunications infrastructure
  • Handling operators’ disputes regarding access to networks (telecommunications access)
  • Advice on framework agreements (LLU, BSA, SOR, etc.), WLR services and lease of infrastructure (lines)
  • Legal advice on drafting terms and conditions of service and price lists for services, calculations of cost in various years or subsidies for universal services
  • Handling disputes regarding relevant market and market position
  • Handling proceedings related to administrative penalties (including penalties of PLN 100 million and PLN 338 million)
  • Advising on SIM card registration obligations under the Anti-Terrorism Act
  • VoIP (Voice-over-IP) consultancy in the context of telecommunication law
  • Advising on the regulatory aspects of creating a data centre in Poland
  • Advice on law enforcement requests to provide IP addresses received by web services
  • Regulatory and IP legal support to OTT providers

Our Other Expertise